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Jgood was founded in 2008 , It is one of the earliest mixed faucet R&D and production enterprises committed to north American market in China, with manufacturing base in Yuhuan, Taizhou, China. After 14 years of development, with strict quality management system as foundation, as well as continuous innovation in bathroom technology industry, Jgood has stick to professional quality for over 14 years, provided excellent quality bathroom products for the Norther American market , and won the unanimous recognition and praise of consumers, engineers, and industrial customers.

Jgood sticks to a unique understanding of appearance design: Implement aesthetic concepts of modern fashion design, and has a deep understanding of the Oriental aesthetic standards and habits. Like German luxury brands, Jgood takes fine works strategy, elaborately crafting one or two sets of brand new series every two years. Jgood faucets are not only elegant and enduring in appearance design, but also continuously innovative and upgrading in functional design, emphasizing the practicality of functions and experience of details. Currently, Jgood has obtained more than 60 domestic and overseas patents of design and utility models. Jgood is with stable development and focusing on quality experience, as well as one of the few Chinese brands with the American cUPC certification and NSF certification.